idea behind mamaskreen?

Most mothers need privacy while breastfeeding in public places and even sometimes in crowded homes. Most of the times, a private room is either not available or not easily reachable. For ensuring privacy, many mothers use a nursing (Breastfeeding) cover. Ideally, a nursing cover should prevent exposure of the breasts, provide complete privacy for undressing the chest and back, protect the mother from the stare of people; and should offer a well ventilated space for the comfort and safety of the baby.  None of the available nursing covers meet the above requirements forcing many mothers to skip breastfeeding a hungry baby.

mamaskreen is the solution to this problem.


About the product

mamaskreen is world’s first wearable and portable chamber cum nursing cover. It is lightweight, can be carried in a handbag and can be set up in a crowded place. It surrounds the chest and back; and provides privacy for breast-feeding, breast–pumping and undressing the body at chest level. The chamber is airy, comfortable and safe for the baby. It helps the mother escape stare from people during breast feeding and breast-pumping. mamaskreen offers privacy both in public places and at home. It can be used inside moving aircraft and train, but not inside moving automobiles.


About the Materials

It is made of body friendly materials. The screen cloth is cotton with natural dying. The cover of the headband is made from full veg chrome- free nappa sheep leather.


Net wt.— 340 gm


  1. Use only in sitting position. Do not walk, run, go inside water, go near fire or go near revolving machines while wearing the device.
  2. Do not use it in poorly ventilated spaces.
  3. Avoid situations where your head can hit an object in the front. It can cause injury. Always use seatbelt when indicated.
  4. Don’t allow babies and children to play with the device. It can cause injury.
  5. Do not use the device continuously for more than one hour. Take off the device and give minimum 15 minutes break after every hour of use.
  6. Pack separately. Avoid pressure on the device; the frame may break.


Instructions for washing

  • Remove the cloth screen from the headband by detaching the push buttons (a2 & b6) and from the front of the T part by unbuttoning the cloth strips (b7). Clean the cloth in washing machine separately using mild detergent.
  • Clean the T – shaped part, the holder and the strip of the headband by wiping them with a cloth after wetting it with mild soap/detergent and water. Clean the leather cover of the headband with neutral polish once a month (Do not use water).



A period of one year for the frame and three months for the cloth from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects. It does not cover damage due to mishandling by the customer or routine wear and tear. The warranty is limited to repair and replacement of part.


 Disclaimer: The manufacturer can change the model anytime without giving any notice to the customers.

All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of courts in Delhi.

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